Scissor-arm awning


The scissor-arm awning is more popular than ever. Thanks to the solid scissor arms this awning is very wind resistant. In conjunction with our Dickson water-repellent cloth the Retro is the perfect terrace roof for Belgian cafes, restaurants and hotels. The stylish design of the Alfa Retro adds beauty and value to any facade, be it classic or modern. The black lacquered arms with stainless steel screws add to the trendy – retro look. (RAL colour option)’

Alfa veranda awning

The Alfa veranda awning provides the solution for keeping the temperature on your veranda under control. Your sun-drenched veranda will become a pleasant environment in which to live, work and enjoy. The Alpha system can be applied to any veranda, winter garden, bay window or conservatory. As outdoor sun protection contributes to energy efficient housing, the purchase of an awning means you may be eligible for a grant.

Solutions for modern home without shutters


It’s impossible to imagine the modern home without shutters. We offer a solution tailored for each new construction or renovation. Research and experience of our plastic shutters made a paragon of safety, comfort and privacy. In addition, you also enjoy the benefits of PVC and  Aluminium. These forward-looking materials are light and sturdy, well insulated, environmentally friendly and easy on maintenance.voorzetrolluik2

Folding arm awning

The folding arm awning is by far the most popular outdoor sun protection. This type not only keeps undesirable heat and light out, but also provides shadow for your terrace. Thanks to the waterproof awning material, the awning also provides protection against sudden downpours. Alfa folding-arm awnings are of unprecedented quality. They are of a modular structure, are custom made in our factory, and can be manufactured up to 16 meters in length from a single piece. The choice of all RAL colours and numerous acrylic materials means the awnings can be tailor-made to suit your own tastes. Discover the different types of awnings here. Many accessories are available for optimum comfort on your terrace:  vario volant, heating, lighting, peripherals etc… As sun protection contributes to energy efficient housing, the  purchase of an awning means you may be eligible for a grant.