types of shutters

Built-in shutters

inbouwMinirol TRADI

Shutters are certainly worth including in the specifications for the construction of a new house. In this case, our Minirol “tradi” is the best choice, for a combination of elegance and discretion. There is no need for calculation of building elements on the inside or outside walls. The shutter unit is built into the walls. You home will be completely sealed and can be left unattended in total confidence. Moreover Minirol “tradi” are the perfect blinds and shutters to reduce your energy costs. A house with Minirol “tradi” shutters insulates 40% better than a house without shutters

Attachments shutters

Alfa Rolluik


The Minirol “Classic” is a standard shutter. The bevelled edge has 2 angled profiles at 45. Because our shutter profiles have a very small diameter, a smaller frame can be used. This is both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing


Alfa Rondo

Minirol RONDO

The Rondo is a variation on the classic, the only difference being in the shutter frame. As the name suggests it has a rounded shutter frame.


Alfa Mosquito


The minirol “Mosquito” is a standard shutter with built-in mosquito netting. The mosquito<br />netting is built into the shutter frame. There is no extra frame needed. The Minirol “Mosquito” is the solution for keeping mosquitoes out during the summer.